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Retirement Readiness

Effective Plan Design Discussions:

Monarch Plan Advisors uses behavioral finance to help design retirement plans that take advantage of participant behaviors and impact retirement outcomes for the better. What’s an example of behavioral finance? Take for example Hyperbolic discounting, it is something as unassuming as eating pizza now and promising to diet tomorrow. Retirement plans can take advantage of this by adding features like auto escalation that slowly increase the participant deferrals over time. Participants recognize they need to save move and can sign up to do it later.

Onsite Education & Enrollment Meetings:

As a society we are not taught very much about finance growing up. Our role is to be an advocate to your staff as the navigate their way to retirement and help be a sounding board as they have questions. We’ve developed a thorough process for education meetings in a wide range of topics.

Program Structure

  • General Workshop

  • One on One Meetings

  • Availability over the phone or email for questions